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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Quotes about Stress

Stress Management
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 Stress Quotes:

 Below are some of the quotes on Stress:

 Maureen Killoran quote on Stress:
Stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose.                     

Hans Selye:
 It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

Gabrielle Blair:
Embrace the current season of your life.                                          

 Stress Quotes on Woman:

John Gray: A woman under stress is not immediately concerned with finding solutions to her problems but rather seeks relief by expressing herself and being understood.

"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts."

"Dear Stress Let's break up."

Catherine pulsifer quotes on Stress:
Rather than sitting and worry, do something, anything. Worrying is a waste of time.

Stress Quotes Life:

1. Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life.

2. Stress is caused by being 'here' but wanting to be 'there'.
                                                         -Eekhart Tolle

3. A man who suffers or stresses before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.
4. Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth; a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is an important. Just lie down.
                                                                                                         -Natalie Goldberg.

Stress Quotes on Dog: 
 How to handle stress like a Dog??? If you can't Eat it or Play with it, then Pee on it and Walk away.

5. The major cause of stress is the inability of people to discover their real nature. Discover your gifts, follow them and you will never feel stressed.

6. There's no use stressing over something in the past, because there's not a thing you can do to change it.

7. I want to live my life without stress and worries, i don't need to be rich and famous, i just want to be happy.

8. Don't cry over the past, it's gone. Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived. Live in present and make it Beautiful.

9. Next time you are stressed: take a step back, inhale and laugh. Remember who you are and why you are here. You are never given anything in this world that you can't handle. Be Strong, Be Flexible, Love Yourself, and Love others. Always remember, just keep moving forward.

10. Stress is directly related to how out-of-control we feel.

11. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.
                                                                                                                          -William James.

12. The only pressure I am under is the presure I have put on myself.
                                                                                                   -Mark Messier.

13. Never Stress over what you can't control.

14. If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.

          -E.Joseph Cossman

Stress Quotes on money:

15. "People who don't have money don't understand the stress".

16. "Look closer at the stress in your own life and you can identify that negative emotions are always built on counterfactual statements."
                                          -Andrew Bernstein.

17. "Stress is never a given. There are people who get divorced amicably. There are people who pack up and move with no emotional toll. There is no stressor 'out there' in the world. We experience stress or we don't depending on what we believe.
                       -Andrew Bernstein

18. "In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive."
                             -Lee Iacocca

Stress Quotes on Relive:

Stress Quotes
19. Running is a great way to relieve stress and clear the mind.
                                                                                -Joan Van Ark.

20. Such a wife as I want...must be young, handsome I lay most stress upon a good shape, sensible a little learning will do, well-bread, chaste, and tender. As to religion, a moderate stock will satisfy me. She must believe in God and hate a saint.
                        -Alexander Hamilton.

21. Unless you address the root causes of the time pressure and the stress you.
                                                                                                        -Jeff davidson.

22. Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it.
                                                                                            -Jack Wagner.

23. "Meditation can help to lower stress and blood pressure and enhance our state of awareness. Meditation helps release stress and fatigue, rest the body, and thus allow it to heal naturally by reducing the toxic chemistries of stress"
          -Dr. Hugh Bentall.

24. Give your stress wings and let it fly away.
                                                                -Terri Guillemets.

25. Stress is the Trash of Modern Life. We all generate it but if you don't Dispose of it Properly it will Pile up and overtake your life.
                          -Terri Guillemets

26. When you are stressed, you eat Ice cream, chocolate and sweets. You Know why? Because "Stressed" spelled backwards is "Desserts"

27. "Brain cells Create IDEAS. Stress kills Brain Cells. Stress is not a good idea."
                                                                          -Frederick Saunders.

28. Stress: The confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic dsire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.

29. "Stress causes your heart to beat faster, raises blood pressure, speeds up your breathing and makes you sweat."

30. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.
                                                                        -Richard Carlson.

31. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes everything is an emergency.

32. Stress: The anability to tell the difference between what is happening and what you think is happening.
              -Victor Davich.

33. The components of anxiety, stress, fear and anger do not exist independently of you in the world. They simply do not exist in the physical world, even though we talk about them as if they do.

           -Wayne Dyer.

34. "Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it."

Definition: "Stress produces numerous symptoms like decline in physical health and also depression."

 Types of Stress:

1. PHYSICAL Stress  2. CHEMICAL Stress 3. MENTAL Stress  4. EMOTIONAL Stress

 5.NUTRITIONAL Stress   6. RAUMATIC stress   7. SYCHO-SPIRITUAL Stress

 8. Chronic stress   9. Oxidative stress   10. Proof Stress 

Stress Management: 

 Read Some of the Tips given below to Reduce Stress

1. For better Stress Relief Engage in Reading  a good book, Watching favourite movies related to different categories like romantic and comedy, enjoy painting or photography, enjoying yourself in day dreams for atleast 15 minutes and also Using visualisation techniques, evoke good memories,etc,.

2. Sit outside and enjoy the sounds of birds, Listen to your favourite piece of music, lapping water, Listen to a motivational & inspirational recording, Playing  a relaxation cd, Listen to a radio programme with your eyes closed.

3.Again one more method for Stress Relief is Singing a Song, Laughing a lot, Have a chat with someone who listens to you or with your dear ones, Chewing  a piece of sugarless gum, Use deep breathing exercises and doing Yoga for stress relief,  Eating a piece of dark chocolate,etc,.

4. Include Burning of some aromatherapy oils, Enjoying the aroma of scented candles, Doing some baking - the mixture of aromas and soothing morvements,,Enjoying outdoor smells from walks in the country or near the sea, Freshly brewed tea or coffee.

5. Involve in physical activity like Doing exercise,  Squeezing a stress ball, Stroke a pet - particularly cats, dogs, rabbits, Wear soft warm clothing, Bake - enjoy the soothing., repetitive movements, playing a musical instruement, Having a massage for stress relief, also Practice Yoga or Pilates.
-This Article Prepared by Veera

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